HOTELkonzept is your expert advisor for boutique hotel & restaurant developments, for asset management, quality control and guest satisfaction. Our customers appreciate us as catalyst to infuse profitability, guest satisfaction as well as authenticity into their hospitality ventures.

Off the beaten path of excessive homogenization HOTELkonzept conceptualizes hotels and restaurants rooted in their cultural and natural environment. We cultivate empathy, sense of place, authenticity and site-specific geo-tourism as epitome of hospitality. We strongly believe that the right kind of approach to hospitality is key to fortifying culture in any given environment. HOTELkonzept leads you all along the way.

Concept Development

HOTELkonzept develops hotel concepts and provides consulting services for your hotel and restaurant project from the infancy stage to the opening and beyond. Through our extensive travels worldwide and involvement in many successful hotel projects, we have gained a wealth of hands-on experience with launching boutique hotels and restaurants.

Most of our projects are based on their natural environment and utilize materials indigenous to each area. Social responsibility and authenticity are key factors in all of our developments. HOTELkonzept’s projects tend to act as catalyst for their cultural and natural environment.

We focus on developing the highest customer service standards, regardless of the project’s envisioned rating as we strongly believe there is a need of exceeding customer expectations independent of the star rating of the product.

Our leitmotif: under-promise & over-deliver.

  • Food Market

    Food Market

  • Arrels Nostres

    Arrels Nostres

  • Arrels Nostres

    Arrels Nostres

  • Es Rebost

    Es Rebost

Feasibility Studies

HOTELkonzept analyses hotel projects for their economic feasibility. Location, market demand, socio-economic impacts, investment and operational costs are taken into account prior to presenting a detailed study to any potential investor.

We provide sound and unbiased advice elaborating a solid business plan before we collaborate with our customers on any future hotel development.

  • Estudio Agro-Turismo Galicia

    Estudio Agro-Turismo Galicia

  • Estudio Agro-Turismo Galicia

    Estudio Agro-Turismo Galicia

  • Culinary Institute Israel

    Culinary Institute Israel

Asset Management

At HOTELkonzept we provide an unbiased and independent angle on your hotel operation guaranteeing the owner’s or lenders interests are met and expectations are exceeded. We continuously strive to maximize cash flow while maintaining and improving a property’s maintenance and market position. At the same time we monitor the property manager, independently if that’s a management company or an individual operator. 

The improvement of your asset’s value, its market position and operating performance is the goal of our asset management.

Properties are visited on a regular basis for inspections and management meetings with regard to all crucial aspects of its performance: operation, marketing, follow-up on changes suggested on earlier meetings. Recommendations are made on improving the facility, on revenue enhancement, cost control, service quality consistency and the positioning strategy of the asset. Equity value and reputation of your asset are always the backbone of our guidance.

All visits and on-site meetings with both, management and corporate staff are recorded and yielded to the owner. All communication from the operator is equally commented on. 

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  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

Quality Control

While Conrad Hilton was spot on when saying, “Give me a good location and I build you a good hotel”, the motto of Helmut Clemens, Managing Director of HOTEL konzept is: “A flawless service attitude is the key to success”

HOTELkonzept provides hoteliers and restaurateurs with strategies to gain more business through exemplary customer service standards. We infuse profitability into companies by conducting quality inspections for businesses to reach their full potential.

An unbiased way of understanding your client’s point of view is to actually become the client. Our unique approach to quality control, based on mystery guest inspections, does not focus on hundreds of standards and procedures, but on individuals and on the service they provide.

At HOTELkonzept, our focus is on the sensations and experiences perceived by the customer: a sincere smile, courtesy, empathy, professionalism and commitment of each and every staff member.

Our equation to success: hospitality = to be in love with a stranger.

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  • A welcoming desk

    A welcoming desk

  • Rigor


  • Attention to detail

    Attention to detail

  • Natural appeal

    Natural appeal

Guest Satisfaction Survey

The best and most effective way of better exceeding your customers expectations, of focusing on your training needs and of setting objectives leads through candid guest feedback.

HOTELkonzept develops questionnaires tailored to any type of hotel and restaurant and assists with obtaining a maximum response ratio.

Real-time online questionnaires as well as classic paper questionnaires are available to be implemented within a short timeframe. HOTELkonzept offers speedy and concrete resumes of all data analysed for you to formulate plans to increase customer satisfaction and your capacity to generate additional revenue.

  • Survey Sample

    Survey Sample

  • Benchmark sample

    Benchmark sample

  • Benchmark sample

    Benchmark sample

  • Questionnaire sample

    Questionnaire sample

about us

Helmut Clemens

Helmut Clemens is founder and managing director of HOTELkonzept.
He studied at the Centre International de Glion, Switzerland, with specialisation in Financial Management and F&B from where he graduated with honours in 1994.
Prior to launching HOTELkonzept Helmut has held senior management positions in prestigious hotels such as The Ritz (Paris), Claridge´s (London), La Residencia, Gran Hotel Son Net and Son Brull Hotel & SPA (Mallorca) and Madison Resort (now Four Seasons, Uruguay).

On his continuous business travels Helmut has inspected close to 1000 hotels and restaurants worldwide. This experience allows him to enjoy a formidable approach with regard to hotel and restaurant conceptualization. He has participated in many feasibility studies, openings and start-ups.
Helmut has got a thorough hands-on management experience and prefers working the basics prior to taking strategic decisions.

He is main shareholder and managing director of ES REBOST, a burgeoning restaurant, cafetería and deli concept in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, dedicated to offering locally sourced, organic ethno-food.
Helmut also signs as Executive Vice President and Asset Manager for AINA CAPITAL, a hotel investment fund based out of Luxembourg in collaboration with BANQUE PRIVÉE EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD.

His projects are always led by a sustainable approach and by his very personal trademark of avoiding placelessness and commodities at all costs. Sense of place, respect for local idiosyncrasies and empathy are his main ingredients to create successful businesses.


May - 2014


Helmut Clemens takes part in the first encounter of MALLORCA UNIVERSAL, a platform dedicated to the promotion and broadcasting of Mallorca through the compromise of its people. An encounter of entrepreneurs with the intention to promote and boost the image of Mallorca


Jan - 2014

Convento Cuenca

HOTELkonzept has been commissioned to present a feasibility study and initial design concept to convert a magnificently located convent in Cuenca into a hotel. The medieval fortified city of Cuenca in Castilla La Mancha is listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. 

Convento Cuenca Convento Cuenca

Nov - 2013

Pazo in Galicia

HOTELkonzept has been appointed to develop a hotel concept for a quaint pazo - a traditional Galician countryhouse - outside of Vigo.

Pazo in Galicia Pazo in Galicia

Sep - 2013

Site Inspection Haifa

Second site inspection visit to Israel, this time to Haifa checking out different sites for the culinary peace project prior to presenting our final conclusions. We were particularly impressed by the ability of pluralism in this part of the country.

Site Inspection Haifa Site Inspection Haifa

Aug - 2013

Projet Nectar

Initial feasibility study of adding a boutique hotel to a two Michelin starred restaurant on the Côte d'Azur. HOTELkonzept has prepared an initial design concept and a dossier to be presented to potential investors. 

Projet Nectar Projet Nectar

Jan - 2013

At the Source of Peace

Commissioned to elaborate a feasibility study for a culinary institute with a wondeful peace mission of bringing together different cultures and believes. Set in Israel, with the purpose of teaching cooking and learning coexistence.

At the Source of Peace At the Source of Peace

Global scope

Present in over 80 countries worldwide HOTELkonzept has earned a special edge with regard to both, trends and traditions and the importance of authenticity and respect for the local aspects of life and business. We truly think global while enhancing and promoting the local heritage in every possible way.


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